Shelf Company

Shelf Companies or “Ready Made” companies can be organised where there is an immediate need to get a company incorporated same day. A Ready Made or off the shelf company is where the company is already incorporated and can be handed over appointing new Directors and Secretary, and transferring shares to new shareholders. These companies have been non trading for a period and there are many reasons why Directors would require a Shelf .Company

  • There are no delays in receiving a company number. You can acquire a company number usually within 24 hours and in many cases same day.
  • Tax planning benefits may arise if you are trading as a Sole Trader or Partnership with a company that has been incorporated in the past.
  • A company incorporated in the past may give more credibility with suppliers, prospects or customers.

How It Works

  1. File the order form for the Ready Made Company Package.
  2. We will Change Directors and Secretary of the company.
  3. We can also change the company name if required.
  4. We can provide a Registered Office address or change the Registered office address for you. This address must be in Ireland.
  5. Payment for a Shelf company is in advance of processing documentation and supply of the company details.


Our Shelf Company Package Includes:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memo & Arts/Company Constitution
  • Share Certificates
  • Schedule of Company Officers
  • Account Login with full account history
  • Free Post Formation Support
  • Directors & Secretary Booklets
  • Secure Online Document Storage
  • Same Day/Next Day Supply
  • Digital Documents by Email
  • CRO Fees included
  • Company Seal
  • Tax Registration
  • Any further tax registrations FREE
  • First Annual Return
  • Compliance Consultation with an Accountant (Optional)
  • 3 Month free trial with eFolio Accounts

Contact us today if you require an Off The  Shelf Company.